Friday, January 27, 2006

I grabbed a couple hours to paint this morning before I leave for work and this is where I am on the sunset painting. Anyway this is 24"x24" on masonite (oils of course!) and just figured I would toss this out there.. Having some trouble i think with the top portion of the sky.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Website Is back up and running!

For some reason my website went down for about 2 weeks, so I moved the hosting to and hopefully I wont have to deal with disappearing websites anymore! Several things have happened in the last 2 weeks, the big news is that I got juried into an art show! Liquid Sunset and Reaching for the sky (a new painting) were juried in on January 19th into the Celebration Of Artist show presented by the Peoria Arts Commission. The show runs till February 2nd at the Peoria City Hall.

I have also started my classes at GCC. This will be an interesting next few months, if not exhausting. Im hoping I can find the time to paint between school and work, so far it has been a bit elusive. Im hoping as I settle into the schedule i can find a few extra hours here and there to paint.

I currently have this sunset painting on my easel, it is 24"x24" on hardboard. I was inspired by some fellow forum members at Marty and Brainless for thier magnificent skys. I hope when it is done it will look half as good as thiers!

Well thats all that is exciting and new that I have the time to type about right now. :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

new site is up

Well the new website is up and although I have a few more things to do on it before it is complete it is together enough for the public :) Now i need to get to the business of painting. Today I spent the morning working on an airbrushed portrait .. not sure how this will turn out since the referance photo is like a postage stamp... Perhaps I will post a picture of it tomorrow (it isnt finished yet). Anyway would love some feedback on the new site?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Today Im redoing my website and adding a blog, i hope to actually keepr up with this! Life has been busy and I havent painted in awhile but hoping to remedy that this weekend! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to have something new to show very soon!