Thursday, May 03, 2007

its official, im in a gallery

Not been getting too much artwork done recently, but on the good side, I spent alot of time this past week or so packing and mailing about 12 paintings to LMR Gallery in Pahrump Nevada. Here is a newspaper article announcing the opening and listing me as one of thier artist

Still working on housing arrangements for when I move to NJ, I *think* I will be mostly living at my sisters, at least for the summer. Will need to organize her porch as a studio for me. After summer I will most definately have a place of my own. Anyway thats whats new today... going to do the Scottsdale artwalk tonight I think as wont have too many more oppertunities to do so.

back to packing... i hate moving.. i will be glad when it is over! :)