Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tree at the Bend

I got a photo from a friend in Canada of a big sky and rainbow but i liked this small part of the picture much better. I also liked the format I choose for it. What attracted me to it most was the light and shadow that falls across it. I hope that it works.

Tree at the Bend
12"x4.5" pastel

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

a few new paintings

Thousand lashes with a wet noodle, i have been neglecting my blog!
I have done a few paintings over the last week, first a very small 4"x6" painting out of my head

Rivers Edge 4"x6" pastel

Next is a boat on the bay at sunset, not sure about this one, maybe its to dark or just to boring...

Boat on the bay 9"x12" pastel

This last is based on a Marsh in Cape Cod, Ma. I embellished a bit because it was really very boring

Cape Marsh 9"x12" pastel

Today I am off to hang paintings for a local show i am in ( ) and tomorrow one of my paintings is getting picked up for the Art Of Goodness art auction that I donated it for.

Anyway, off to hang paintings, thanks for looking!