Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dinghies and baseball butts :)

finally finished the dinghy painting, this one was alot harder then i initially thought it would be. Even so though i enjoyed doing it.

Dinghies 16"x16" gallery wrap canvas

Ever since I got to Phoenix almost 3 years ago I have wanted to go to a spring training game but never had anyone to go with so never did. Today i went to my first spring training game and i went by myself. In the nick of time cos i think today was the last day of spring training here. I saw the San Diego Padres vs the AZ Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks kicked booty! 14-8, it really was a great game and even alone i had fun and took alot of pictures. No art today but i had fun anyway... :)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

current WIP

Got a more done on the boat painting, this ne is taking a bit longer then i anticipated and throwing a few challenges my way. Also distracted myself by going to a movie, Reign over me. Pretty good movie, so many street shots of NYC it really made me homesick. Anyway here is my current progress...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Current WIP

Catalina Dingies

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sahuaro Ranch Reception

Friday night I decided to go to the reception at the Sahuaro Ranch Show in Glendale. It was really nice, good food and I even had some wine. Both my paintings, Rock Pool and Beached will hang this weekend but Monday I need to pick up Rock pool cos it wasnt juried in. beached will hang till April 15th.

Also, her eis a painting i finished up today... although i think i need to reshoot the photo tomorrow in the daylight
Joe's beach 20"x24" oil

Friday, March 23, 2007

rain rain rain :)

Wow today was a fun day! It rained! And not only did it rain but it HAILED! thunder, lightning, downpour and a steady rain all evening, it was lovely :) The humidity even felt good :) What better way to spend a rainy day then painting? So today I worked on and finished up (i think) Joe's Beach


Since it rained all day I couldnt get good lighting for the photo so I'll reshoot it later this week.

Tomorrow is the reception for the Glendale show. I suppose I should go, kind of expensive though....

In other news, 70 days i think till i make my jersey move.. yay!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


OK I got the good news in the mail, actually it was half good news and half bad. Rock Pool was rejected but Beached (the conch Shell painting) was accepted into the Glendale Arts Council Juried Fine Art Competition. This is a tough show to get into so im glad just to have gotten in. My friend and mentor Bill Martin got Best of Show.

Anyway, started a new painting. The referance is from my friend Joe and is of Santa Barbara i think. Just a start and the lighting was pretty bad for taking a picture...


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Help! I've fallen and I cant get up!

Thats kind of what I feel like this past week or so. Im in a serious art funk! I have not painted in either oils or pastels although i did finally finish the drawing of sienna.

In an interesting turn, today is the day that they juried the show I submitted 2 paintings to and I will find out if im in or not wed or thursday most likely... but tonight I went out for Chinese food and in my fortune cookies was this fortune...
hmmmm so maybe i will get at least one in.. and maybe one will sell? We shall find out I suppose. In the meantime.... I'll work on my artist block...

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Hottt! Wow today wass by far the hottest day, it hit 100 today! And back in jersey it is snowing and sleeting in a nor'eastern. I almost am envious of the cold weather. I broke down and put on the A/C

Today I dropped off 2 paintings for the juried Glendale Show which is a very popular show, expensive to participate in ($20 per painting/limit 2) and hard to get into. Lots of great competition but this show hangs all paintings for one weekend which has a great record for sales. It will be nice it at least 1 gets juried and 1 sells :) I entered the Conch Shell i did in pastels and The Rock Pool (scroll 2 post down for this one) which is oils.

I havent been doing any art, in a funk or something but i am working on this drawing of Sienna. I have a party to airbrush at tomorrow so hopefully i can get back into the groove of painting this coming week.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

slow week

Howdy .. bad Joni.. ignoring her blog. Well ya know.. havent had anything exciting to say or show. I did have a reception on saturday night for a show I got juried into, even though I didnt enter my best pieces.

On both panels mine is the bottom ones.
I havent created much art this week, been slow but i did do a pencil study of some calla lilies and then did a pastel using canson paper... wow, canson pastel paper really sucks to work with.

On Friday i have another show to enter, this one is kind of expensive and harder to get in but we'll give it a shot anyway, i'll know by March 26th if I was accepted or not. Anyway... I hope to get some art done or something this week. I'll check back when i do :)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

busy week, juried show and new painting

wow been awhile since i posted ... didnt realize I went this long! Thousand lashes with a wet noodle for me! Anyway i been busy with this dat and da udder thing this week. My cat Sienna had her tummy tuck and pedicure this week, had classes to teach at Michaels and I went back to the Phoenix art Museum for the Rembrant exhibit and attended an art association meeting. Also particpated in the downtown phoenix Artwalk on friday, it was slightly better then normal as I sold a few prints and a small painting (normal is selling nothing).

First Friday Artwalk

The good news for this week is that i got juried in for the Celebration of Artist show in Peoria city Hall. i didnt enter my best paintings as there was issues with size and another show in Glendale overlapping this one, but I guess what i entered was good enough!

Rock Pool (work in progress) 16"x20 oil
Since posting last time I havent really done much art.. i reworked the Winter Sails painting a bit on Monday and on thursday i started the Rock Pool painting which is almost finished. Both in oils. I'll be doing more pastels this week coming i hope.