Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a couple new paintings

I have a couple new paintings to deliver to the gallery.  The first is based on a photo by photographer Bill Glenn and is used with his permission.  I have changed several elements from the original photo.
Cades Cove
Pastel 9"x12"

This second one is from a photo I took recently.  This is Meigs Falls in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  Easy to miss if your not looking for it.
Meigs Falls
Pastel 9"x12"

I hope that you enjoy, this is beautiful country I live n now and hope to have alot more coming soon.  Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finished Taffy and a few more paintings

I been very busy with several paintings.  First I finished Taffy

And then I did a couple local scene paintings
First is Smoky Mountain Sky
This is a pastel that measures 12"x18"
And this one is Mountain Creek
It is a Pastel and measure 13"x10.5"

 This next one is Fog in the Smokies
It is a Pastel and Measures 9"x12"

And thats what i have for you at this point, I hope you enjoy and thank you for looking!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More progress on taffy WIP

Almost there with Taffy, about 75% done, hopefully I will be finishing her up tomorrow.  Nothing like painting a big fluffy black dog in snow LOL this one has been quite a challenge for me and I am struggling a bit with the reference and the painting but it is coming along.

taffy, pastel, 18"x24" WIP

Monday, May 02, 2011

Miss Kitty Portrait and Taffy WIP

I just finished a cat portrait and I am starting a new dog portrait.  The cat is Miss Kitty and it was painted in Pastels.  The painting measures 9"x12" and the client loved it :)

The dog I just started is still in that proverbial ugly stage but it is a big painting, 18"x24".  It is still a work in progress and hopefully will be completed by the end of the week.

Trying to keep busy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the pot of gold at the end of the rollercoaster ...

Its been an emotional roller coaster week for me.  Extreme sadness as my sweet Sienna passed away in my arms last Tuesday to being asked to be in a gallery in Gatlinburg today that is opening in June (and a possible job offer).  There has been alot going on this week and I have fallen behind on my daily painting but try as I might real life gets in the way and sometimes that is not such a bad thing.  God is good and this has been a boost when I needed one most.  Now back to the easel tomorrow!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Daily painting Blog

Its been a sad few days for me, having lost my 5 year old cat the other day to a short illness, but I am going to try now and do a painting a day so I have created a daily painting blog.  I have started it off with my first cow painting and I invite you to follow it at http://artbyjoni-dailypaintings.blogspot.com/

I will of course still post work here but i thought it better to have a separate blog just for the dailies.  Here is my first offering to the daily blog:
"You Lookin' at Me?"
Pastel 5"x7"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rest in Peace Sweet Sienna

Today I lost my sweet beautiful Sienna.  She passed away in my arms this morning.  She was a constant companion when working in the studio, in fact I once painted her for kicks as she lay under my easel once.
She will be dearly missed.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A month into my journey

So I find myself still looking for the day job, I was expecting it to take about a month but now it has been abit over that.  So I am trying very hard to market my artwork so I can keep myself in gas and food money at least, but it has been as big a challenge as the job hunt itself.

Since arriving in Tennessee I have cleared out my Art Fire shop and replaced all prints with original paintings which I have priced rather moderately as I would rather sell them then wait around for a big money ticket that may never come.  I also joined Fine Art America which produces prints to order, even on canvas.  I thought about restarting my Etsy shop or even my eBay shop but Etsy has been having issues that sellers and not happy with and eBay has just gotten very expensive.

Fortunately I do have a commission that will pay next months car insurance, but other sales have been fugitive at best.  So to my facebook friends and those on twitter who feel I have been spamming you with links to either site, I apologize.  I appreciate those that share and RT them for me getting them out to a broader audience.

In the meantime, while i continue to search for a job, I thank those who have supported my efforts at marketing my artwork and cheered me on in all I do.  Thank you :)

More artwork updates coming in a day or two!  Back to the easel!
Art Fire shop
Fine Art America

Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting it together

Starting over can be rough and the unpacking never ending.  All that time i thought I would have to paint has been taken up with unpacking, reorganizing, job hunting, exploring my new surroundings and some plain laziness.  And a bit too much time on facebook and twitter.  :)

I did however get a couple paintings done so far which I will post below.  I am hoping to get more involved in plein air painting (painting outdoors) as there is an abundance of beautiful scenes, farms, cows, rivers, creeks, mountains and general outdoorsyness :). Right now, the few plein air paintings i have done have been .... rather um.. awful LOL.  I know it takes practice.  For now though here are a couple studio pieces, I am still rusty after being away from creating art for a bit over a year.

 Morning Daffodil
9"x12" Pastel
 Smoky Mountain Creek
8"x10" Oil

 Newfound Gap
8"x10" Oil on Board

I also reopened my artfire store and restocked it with just original paintings and it might be worth taking a look at as they are pretty affordable i think.  I created a new fan page on facebook as well which you can find here, i invite you to check it out here.

Till next time :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The move is over, time to start anew

The move is over.  Thank God! Moving is sooo exhausting, I am reminded of that every time I do it.  So now I am in Tennessee, and it is so pretty here.  I am still unpacking and have only begun with the studio but I hope to have that squared away in a day or two.  Then the painting can begin anew.  In the meantime, I have a few photos you may enjoy!

 Smokey Mountains
 View from my backyard
Another view from my backyard

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

time for a BIG change

As always, I have neglected my blog, I can swear I will not do that anymore but we all know the truth LOL.  Anyway, this past year has been rather dry artwise.  My living situation has not been very conductive to creativity and has left me very little physical space to actually work.  I did do a big push on some small paintings for Christmas and a few over the summer, but its been a lack luster year.

Things are about to change for me, and I pray for the better.  I have been given an opportunity to move to Tennessee and stay for a time in a house that will give me alot of space for creating and painting.  The area is beautiful and will hopefully be inspiring. It will certainly be more affordable :).

So anyway, all this is happening in 2 weeks, on or around Feb 17. I will try and make a point to blog it, but i know better then to make that promise.

As this is an art blog, and i have neglected it so long, I will post a few of the small paintings I did over Christmas, each 6"x8", thank for looking!