Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting it together

Starting over can be rough and the unpacking never ending.  All that time i thought I would have to paint has been taken up with unpacking, reorganizing, job hunting, exploring my new surroundings and some plain laziness.  And a bit too much time on facebook and twitter.  :)

I did however get a couple paintings done so far which I will post below.  I am hoping to get more involved in plein air painting (painting outdoors) as there is an abundance of beautiful scenes, farms, cows, rivers, creeks, mountains and general outdoorsyness :). Right now, the few plein air paintings i have done have been .... rather um.. awful LOL.  I know it takes practice.  For now though here are a couple studio pieces, I am still rusty after being away from creating art for a bit over a year.

 Morning Daffodil
9"x12" Pastel
 Smoky Mountain Creek
8"x10" Oil

 Newfound Gap
8"x10" Oil on Board

I also reopened my artfire store and restocked it with just original paintings and it might be worth taking a look at as they are pretty affordable i think.  I created a new fan page on facebook as well which you can find here, i invite you to check it out here.

Till next time :)

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