Thursday, March 24, 2011

A month into my journey

So I find myself still looking for the day job, I was expecting it to take about a month but now it has been abit over that.  So I am trying very hard to market my artwork so I can keep myself in gas and food money at least, but it has been as big a challenge as the job hunt itself.

Since arriving in Tennessee I have cleared out my Art Fire shop and replaced all prints with original paintings which I have priced rather moderately as I would rather sell them then wait around for a big money ticket that may never come.  I also joined Fine Art America which produces prints to order, even on canvas.  I thought about restarting my Etsy shop or even my eBay shop but Etsy has been having issues that sellers and not happy with and eBay has just gotten very expensive.

Fortunately I do have a commission that will pay next months car insurance, but other sales have been fugitive at best.  So to my facebook friends and those on twitter who feel I have been spamming you with links to either site, I apologize.  I appreciate those that share and RT them for me getting them out to a broader audience.

In the meantime, while i continue to search for a job, I thank those who have supported my efforts at marketing my artwork and cheered me on in all I do.  Thank you :)

More artwork updates coming in a day or two!  Back to the easel!
Art Fire shop
Fine Art America

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