Saturday, January 27, 2007

Took a better picture i think. Im up later then i intended and gotta leave in the morning for vacation. I'll post vacation adventures and pictures when i get back.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Casino in Avalon

I'll get a better picture in the daylight tomorrow. "Casino" 16"x20" oil on canvas

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a bit more progress and who i think is a cylon...

I worked on this for several more hours today, it isnt near finished yet but figured i would post my progress anyway. Im enjoying this one and yet im not... i feel pressured because I wanna finish it before the cruise and because thehere are so many details. Heh, imagine if i left all the boats in there!

Anyway, im a huge battlestar Galactica Fan ( the new show on Sci-fi) so anyone who doesnt watch or doesnt care just stop reading here because you'll probably not be interested anyway :).

So who are the final five cylons? It'll be a while before they tell us that but they are going to reveal at least 1 this season and it is pretty hotly debated as to who it will be. I saw alot of viewer comments and I saw alot of people say it would be Baltar, or Helo, or Starbuck. I have thought about it and I think this last weeks episode gave a big clue when D'Anna saw the face of one of the final 5. She said something to the effect of "Im sorry, i didnt realize" which leads me to believe it is someone she had dealings with.

Im also keeping in mind that I think Baltars cylon blood test did work and i think the final 5 need to be people who came after and werent tested OR were in a position to avoid having the test taken. They were still relying on that test when Bulldog escaped and arrived on the Galactica.

Back to the identiity of the one D'Anna saw. I have thought back, who has she had dealings with in the human community, who would she feel she needed to appologize to.. Adama? maybe but I dont see Adama being a Cylon, he has a verifiable history going back too far. Laura Roslin and Col. Tigh, I think is same situation as Adama. Both are also too easy. Baltar.. no, way way way to easy, and would be to convienant for him. It is what he wants, it is the only way he'll have a family or be accepted by a race of people now. It wont be Baltar. Tom zarak... I doubt he is a cylon but i think it would be cool if he was. I used to think It might be Ellen Tigh, Im still entertaining that possibility for one of the 5...

I think that the Final 5 cylon they will unveil this season will be the doctor. He I think could easily have avoided the shot as he was always busy being on another ship (like when Adama was shot) or saving peoples lives, obeying orders without (much) question. He is much admired and almost the perfect ideal doctor, saving liveswithout reguard of wether they are human or not. But ultimately what made me think it is the doctor is the confrontation D'Anna had with the doctor on New Caprica just before the liberation. I cant think of another "human" she'd dealt with on such a level that she'd feel the need to appologize.

But now, they have boxed her so she'll never say who she saw.

The doctor would be interesting though.. what a conflict in loyalties that would cause.. and with one cylon aligning with humans.. and possibly another with number 6 now on the Galactica.. could we be seeing a new trend? :) Anyway, thats my prediction for the 1st final 5 cylon revelation.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Had a very nice day today, had lunch with Bill and Carol, got some photo paper at staples and came home and painted a bit. Then I got a headache and ended up being lazy the rest of the night. So much for getting this painting done .. well there is always tomorrow. I still have a headache :(

Sunday, January 21, 2007

rainy day in Phoenix

Another rainy day in Phoenix today so instead of going to an art festival, i went to a life drawing session instead. It was fun, i experimented in pastels and black paper. Kind of looks like the velvet Elvis effect... cheesey :) But reguardless, it was fun. I might go to the art festival tomorrow since it is supposed too be nice till evening, then possibly more rain. I need to be inspired...

Less then a week till i leave for my vacation, a cruise to San diego, catalina island and ensenada mexico. Im spending a few days in long Beach with jen before hand, and meeting with Diana and Joe, the local WC'ers, should be fun. Im hoping the weather will be better then it is now! Gonna see if i can figure out a way to sell some prints while on vacation :)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Today was the first real rainy day I've seen in Phoenix in probably about a year. Rained pretty much all day long, it was a nice change! So I spent this rainy day working on and pretty much finishing the catalina island painting. While working on the painting my cat smeagol jumped up on the table i have set up next to my easel in case i decide to do still lifes so I decided to paint her... and quickly cos cats dont usually pose willingly or for very long at all. So i grabbed a small canvas and spent 15-20 minutes till she got off the table doing a quick oil sketch. She fell asleep halway through messing the pose up a little but by then i had alll the main stuff down.
So anyway after that quicky i continued to work on the catalina paiting and I think it is finished. I definately need to reshoot it in better lighting though as it was dark and dreary (and rainy!) here today. I almost started another painting but couldnt quite decide on what to do next. Tomorrow im "probably" going too life drawing session in scottsdale as it is supposed to rain again. There is an art fair in carefree I might go see if it isnt raining (or i can go sunday). Anyway this is todays endeavors.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

finally got a WIP

I have been keeping busy this week although very little painting has gotten done. In fact until today it was pretty much none. But i did go to life drawing session last night and got my studio completely cleaned and reorganized, prepared several canvases and started a Catalina Island Painting.

Oh today I got my rejection notice from artlink... hmmm only a whole month since they were supposed to notify artist. It was a form letter and didnt even address me, just dear artist, we're sorry.. blah blah blah. IS all good though as I knew I wouldnt fit in with that group. With them, the weirder the better. I did send out an application today for a Juried art in the part event in Cape May this July. No idea when I'll hear from them but this will be fun if i get in.

Anyway, enough of this babbling, I should get back to the catalina island painting!

Monday, January 15, 2007

the best laid plans..

I finished the pastel and im about to post it for sale on I think. I didnt end up doing anythhing I said i would, but instead I created my colorwheel project for the kids drawing class tomorrow, airbrushed some shirts for a customer, and cleaned and organized the studio and took an inventory of canvas.. wow i have 57 canvas's... i need to get busy both painting and selling! Anyway, the scottsdale thing i will probably do on Wednesday. I feel busier now then when i was working full time! (sheesh it's only been a day!)

New year, new start!

I'll start off with the pastel im working on. This is my first pastel and i know it needs work. 9"x12" soft pastel on wallis.
New year, new start. Today was the last day of my full time job, airbrushing at the mall. Im soooo finished with the rude people. They are so rude they were making me rude. New year, new start. Im going to become a working artist this year. A working fine artist. This year is all about growing as an artist, learning to market and sell my work and becoming self sufficent with my art.

This year is also going to be a big year of change. Im moving back to New Jersey in May in order to reconnect with family and friends. I miss the hometown, the salt air, the arguements on Christmas. I Miss the trees that turn colors in the fall, the smell of rain in the spring and fireworks on the beach in summer. I dont miss much at all about winter. No in winter i'll be missing Phoenix :).

So today, well technically tomorrow begins my new life as a soon to be starving artist. Thats ok i guess because I can sure stand to lose some weight! My first order of business is a meeting at 10:30 am with a potential client for a small airbrush job. Then I will muck about with that pastel im working on, i have found several glaring mistakes that may or may not be fixable. blah blah boring i know.. but now is the excitng part! I am going to tour both the Celebration of Fine art and Arizona Festival of Fine Arts AND THEN.. if thats not enough, im planning on going to my first life drawing session at the Scottsdale Artist School. Im going to try and go every monday night.

Anyway Im making alot of changes, this week is a week in transition, next week i'll get busy and then the week after that I'll take off and go on a cruise :) (planned and paid for months ago). I hope to get alot of groovy referance pictures while cruising (San Diego, catalina Island and Ensenada mexico). More about this later.