Friday, January 19, 2007

Today was the first real rainy day I've seen in Phoenix in probably about a year. Rained pretty much all day long, it was a nice change! So I spent this rainy day working on and pretty much finishing the catalina island painting. While working on the painting my cat smeagol jumped up on the table i have set up next to my easel in case i decide to do still lifes so I decided to paint her... and quickly cos cats dont usually pose willingly or for very long at all. So i grabbed a small canvas and spent 15-20 minutes till she got off the table doing a quick oil sketch. She fell asleep halway through messing the pose up a little but by then i had alll the main stuff down.
So anyway after that quicky i continued to work on the catalina paiting and I think it is finished. I definately need to reshoot it in better lighting though as it was dark and dreary (and rainy!) here today. I almost started another painting but couldnt quite decide on what to do next. Tomorrow im "probably" going too life drawing session in scottsdale as it is supposed to rain again. There is an art fair in carefree I might go see if it isnt raining (or i can go sunday). Anyway this is todays endeavors.

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