Sunday, January 21, 2007

rainy day in Phoenix

Another rainy day in Phoenix today so instead of going to an art festival, i went to a life drawing session instead. It was fun, i experimented in pastels and black paper. Kind of looks like the velvet Elvis effect... cheesey :) But reguardless, it was fun. I might go to the art festival tomorrow since it is supposed too be nice till evening, then possibly more rain. I need to be inspired...

Less then a week till i leave for my vacation, a cruise to San diego, catalina island and ensenada mexico. Im spending a few days in long Beach with jen before hand, and meeting with Diana and Joe, the local WC'ers, should be fun. Im hoping the weather will be better then it is now! Gonna see if i can figure out a way to sell some prints while on vacation :)

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