Thursday, January 18, 2007

finally got a WIP

I have been keeping busy this week although very little painting has gotten done. In fact until today it was pretty much none. But i did go to life drawing session last night and got my studio completely cleaned and reorganized, prepared several canvases and started a Catalina Island Painting.

Oh today I got my rejection notice from artlink... hmmm only a whole month since they were supposed to notify artist. It was a form letter and didnt even address me, just dear artist, we're sorry.. blah blah blah. IS all good though as I knew I wouldnt fit in with that group. With them, the weirder the better. I did send out an application today for a Juried art in the part event in Cape May this July. No idea when I'll hear from them but this will be fun if i get in.

Anyway, enough of this babbling, I should get back to the catalina island painting!

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