Monday, January 15, 2007

New year, new start!

I'll start off with the pastel im working on. This is my first pastel and i know it needs work. 9"x12" soft pastel on wallis.
New year, new start. Today was the last day of my full time job, airbrushing at the mall. Im soooo finished with the rude people. They are so rude they were making me rude. New year, new start. Im going to become a working artist this year. A working fine artist. This year is all about growing as an artist, learning to market and sell my work and becoming self sufficent with my art.

This year is also going to be a big year of change. Im moving back to New Jersey in May in order to reconnect with family and friends. I miss the hometown, the salt air, the arguements on Christmas. I Miss the trees that turn colors in the fall, the smell of rain in the spring and fireworks on the beach in summer. I dont miss much at all about winter. No in winter i'll be missing Phoenix :).

So today, well technically tomorrow begins my new life as a soon to be starving artist. Thats ok i guess because I can sure stand to lose some weight! My first order of business is a meeting at 10:30 am with a potential client for a small airbrush job. Then I will muck about with that pastel im working on, i have found several glaring mistakes that may or may not be fixable. blah blah boring i know.. but now is the excitng part! I am going to tour both the Celebration of Fine art and Arizona Festival of Fine Arts AND THEN.. if thats not enough, im planning on going to my first life drawing session at the Scottsdale Artist School. Im going to try and go every monday night.

Anyway Im making alot of changes, this week is a week in transition, next week i'll get busy and then the week after that I'll take off and go on a cruise :) (planned and paid for months ago). I hope to get alot of groovy referance pictures while cruising (San Diego, catalina Island and Ensenada mexico). More about this later.


Rose Bard said...

Hi Joni. Cool new blog. The kittens are lovely. I wish you a great great new year!!! You deserve it sweetie. :)

Joni said...

Thank you Rose :) I hope you and your family has a great new year as well! Hope hubby is healing nicely!

Mair said...

Congrats to you joni on your life changes!!! Love the cats...they are sweet! The life drawing sounds wonderful too..I am a lifedrawing newbie...and I love it. Best of luck to you!

Ann said...

We look forward to your visit at the Celebration of Fine Art. If you haven't visited our new web site it is cool and has blogs there now.