Wednesday, February 02, 2011

time for a BIG change

As always, I have neglected my blog, I can swear I will not do that anymore but we all know the truth LOL.  Anyway, this past year has been rather dry artwise.  My living situation has not been very conductive to creativity and has left me very little physical space to actually work.  I did do a big push on some small paintings for Christmas and a few over the summer, but its been a lack luster year.

Things are about to change for me, and I pray for the better.  I have been given an opportunity to move to Tennessee and stay for a time in a house that will give me alot of space for creating and painting.  The area is beautiful and will hopefully be inspiring. It will certainly be more affordable :).

So anyway, all this is happening in 2 weeks, on or around Feb 17. I will try and make a point to blog it, but i know better then to make that promise.

As this is an art blog, and i have neglected it so long, I will post a few of the small paintings I did over Christmas, each 6"x8", thank for looking!

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