Sunday, April 08, 2007

I have not forgotten you....

bad Joni!!! Letting the blog go this long! Well the past is past...

Happy Easter! I have done a few pastels this week. I meant to do one today but I got lazy.. well it is a holiday so I guess im entitled to an occassional lazy day.

This past friday was first friday Artwalk and I brought some old paintings and put them out for $10 - $30 just to get rid of them... I made $90 on paintings that otherwise would have gone too the dumpster. It was a good nite :)

I got some good news this week but... Im not going to go into details just yet but it looks like I got accepted into a Gallery. More details on this later :) Im excited though!

So anyway..... Here are the last few pastel paintings I have done in the last week.

Mossy Beach 27"x21.5"

Lilies #2 9"x12"

Beach Grass 9"x12"

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