Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Great Escape (from the talking heads)

A friend of mine is a known painter of pears. He painted a series which he made into a book called The Secret Life Of Pears. So I was in an art chatroom with a bunch of artist and several of us realized we had never painted pears before so Joe challenged us to paint them.

I found them to be fun.. they are a fun shape, and very uncomplicated, which, in this very complicated world was quite refreshing.

It reminded me that I should turn off the talking heads, stop thinking about the tangled mess the world is in and paint more, simplify my world, my outside influences and focus on that blank canvas (which can be scarier then the crashing stock market..) and make a mark, and another till something beautiful or at least pleasing emerges.

So I painted the Great Escape, the one pear breaking away from his cello prison :)

And now I should turn off the news with all their doom and gloom and the sky is falling rhetoric and head to my easel!

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