Thursday, January 15, 2009

new shop at 1000markets!

I just opened my new shop at Initially I was skeptical, thinking it was just another crafty site like etsy but I see they have alot of fine art as well so I am excited about that! I'll see what kind of traffic I get over there and may start movin more of my artwork there. Anyway I have spent the whole day on the computer working on promoting my shops and updating my site so I should get back to the easel!

Check out the shop at


Sue Choppers-Wife / said...

your shop looks great, Joni! And I see you already have the 1000 markets mini on your blog :) Oh, and I'm following you now (I better elucidate...on the blog! I am not a stalker lol!)

Joni said...

LOL I knew what you meant Sue! Thank you for the support! :) Working on a painting now so I should get back to the easel!