Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Painting a vision

There is much to tell but I will wait a bit to get my thoughts together before attempting to blog it.  But while I am doing that, a couple weeks ago I had a facebook friend contact me.  A year  or so ago a young family member had a traumatic experience with abuse.  It is not my place to go into detail but this woman really had to struggle with her faith after this.  She said that she had a vision that has helped her overcome her struggle with faith and wanted someone to paint it.  So she explained it all to me and so i painted it for her as best I could interpret it.  In the end, she was very happy with it which is good and what i aim for.  I'll post the photo of the painting below, but again, it is not my place to explain its meaning.  :)

Untitled 9"x12" Oil on Masonite Board
There is still a bit of wet paint glare on this photo

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