Sunday, October 05, 2014


Brrrr 45 degrees out,  fall is here in full force today!  Seems like just yesterday it was 80 degrees ... ohhhh wait.. it was!

But anyway...

A few changes coming down the pike for me I hope.  In a couple weeks I will be moving (so long as God willing things work out) and I will actually have some studio space!  I may also start teaching at Michael's stores in the area, which should be fun.  Im trusting in Jesus that things will work out to his will.

So for quite some time now I have been trying to figure out how to use my art as a ministry or as a way to glorify God, it is something I struggle with.  I have been reading the Purpose Driven Life for the last month and it has been enlightening.  When I finish maybe I can articulate better what I have learned from it.  Finding out why I am here, what I am to do.. how to proceed, this is what I am searching for, and sometimes it just seems easier to do nothing.

Which is what I have been doing a lot of...

Although I did do this painting of a shelter cat, and pet portraits are something I would like to concentrate on in the next month.

Bird Watching
Pastel 5" x 7"

I will hopefully get back to you with some good news in the next week or so!

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